Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another day, another coupla acres to work

Sonny Bialas of Bialas Farms is a charming, hard working and passionate man. His wife and daughter are equally wonderful and I had the pleasure of spending some time time with them talking about life on the farm...the trials, the tribulations, the pride and, above all, the joy they get from working the "black earth" that is their 68 acres and all the extraordinary things that grow there. The joy comes through in everything they grow.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Once upon a time (during WWII)...

...a young, slightly shy but quite dashing Marine met an even younger and oh-so-beautiful army nurse...

Finish the story however you'd like but promise me that you'll give it a happy ending.
(After all these Veteran's have been through in service to our country, they most certainly deserve it.)

This was shot at the Veteran's Day Celebration in  NYC, 2010. A most magnificent day in honor of truly magnificent people.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The "Make Tofu the star this Thanksgiving" Society is officially called to order

Mildred, Vice Chairperson and Recording Secretary for the Pocantico, New York Chapter of the "Make Tofu the star this Thanksgiving" Society watches the last runner in their fundraising Turkey Trot cross the finish line.
Tofuducken, anyone? You'll gobble it up.

John, CFO and Treasurer of the Pocantico, New York Chapter of the "Make Tofu the star this Thanksgiving" Society exhibiting a rare outburst of anger at the lackluster results from the recent Tofucakes Bake Sale.

The heretofore super-secret recipe for Mildred's Tofucakes with Cornbread, Oyster and Cranberry Frosting may be posted here eventually.

Florence came all the way up from the Greenville, South Carolina Chapter to attend the Annual Tofucakes Breakfast and 5K Turkey Trot sponsored by the Pocantico, New York Chapter of the "Make Tofu the star this Thanksgiving" Society
Nothing beats a short stack of tofucakes smothered in warm sweet potato and maple syrup (except maybe some of Aunt Edith's Scratch Biscuits with Tofu Gravy).

Ethel's feathers were ruffled earlier when John made an off-color remark about her tofu cobbler tasting like chicken. Such displays are frowned upon at the Pocantico, New York Chapter of the "Make Tofu the star this Thanksgiving" Society's board meetings.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Paying respects to our fallen veterans on Veteran's Day

Today was a day where I got to meet many, many soldiers and hear their amazing stories.

But it's also a day to remember all those brave men and women that have fallen in service to their country. It's the least we can do for those that did the most they could do.

A man brough his pet Bald Eagle to the Celebration today.
Many photographers were clicking away as the bird posed, looking left and right.
The Eagle looked down for a moment and all the shutters stopped.
Except mine.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another day, another trip to the dumpster to see what's for lunch

This is Bernadette. She doesn't like me much. Actually she doesn't like anyone much. I think she tolerates me because I give her money for food and coffee.
   When I first met her, she stared at my camera and told me I better not take any pictures of her. She scared me. A lot. But I made a decision at that moment. I told her that I take pictures to help tell stories; that being homeless is an incredibly horrifying thing to me and maybe if I take enough pictures, something will change. And then I started to walk away. I got about fifteen feet when she yelled "you're really not gonna take any f*ing pictures?"
   "I told her 'nope'  You asked me not to and you scare me."
She cracked a smile.
"So can I take a picture?"

This goes out to some of my new friends in Portugal...Filipe, Felix, Alexandre, Nuno, Guida.
Stay inspired. No matter what.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A brief, early morning conversation with Lindsey: Quality photographic time with an 11 year old (or why it's so hard to get great photos of your own children once they hit a certain age.)

So Lindsey and I were out walking the Rockefeller Estate (home to the world renowned Blue Hill at Stone Barns agricultural center along with some of the most stunning farm animals you've ever seen) communing with nature and each other. She had hopped up on a stone wall and I slowly reached for my camera bag. (We have an agreement where I am limited to just a few photos of her a month and conditional based on her mood and the prevailing winds.
   "Really, Dad? REALLY!" (Said with way too much 11 year old attitude)
"Cmon Lindsey, you look so...interesti...uh, cute. You sure have a knack for putting together the ensemble."
  "Dad, it's 7am. This is what all the kids wear early in the morning."
   "Really, Lindsey? REALLY!" (turnabout is fair play)
   "You want to take a picture don't you? You want me to me to pose don't you? You want me to sit here and smile while you take gazillions of pictures? No!"
   "C'mon. I'll make it quick."
Click, click, click.
   "Lindsey smile, please."
   "Not till the braces come off."
   "God, Lindsey...gimme a break." (Photographers are only allowed to get exasperated at their subjects if they're related.)
   "Fine. Hurry."
Click. Click. Click.
Click. Click.
   "What Dad?"
   "Could you show a little more emotion?"
She rolled her eyes.
   "Not that kind"
She pretended to whistle.
   "Lindsey, what if I told you a deranged bull suffering from acute Mad Cow Disease was right behind you with a swarm of man-eating turkeys and a psychopathic sheep?"
   "I'd tell you to run, Dad. You did say man-eating, not girl-eating..." (Big smile)
   "I can see your braces."
   "Oh yeah? Well I can see you need to go on a serious diet."

Friday, November 5, 2010


You're giggling
     (Loud giggling) "I know"
Stop giggling.
     (More giggling) "I can't."
Pleeeease stop giggling.
     (Even more giggling) "I...(snort)...can't"
I'm gonna have to wait a long time for you to stop, aren't I?
     (Still giggling) "Yup!"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble...

Another day, another pot to stir, cauldron to scrub and broomstick to mend while sipping a soul-soothing damnation and wrath cocktail

Another day, another love potion with a bit too much lizard's tongue and nowhere near enough lovage root

Another day, another lock of hair, some toenail clippings and a dash of powdered eye of newt

Darn, now where did I put the dragon's blood resin? Never mind, will just substitute some black poodle dog hair and powdered sulphur mixed with a few drops of patchouli oil.