Tuesday, July 16, 2019

This is an heirloom tomato I picked up over the weekend.

On the surface, it was green.

For those of you that wonder about such things, an Heirloom ________________ (tomato in this case) can have several lineages.
 One has been passed down and preserved through several generations because of its valued characteristics. Another is a product of natural cross-pollination of other heirloom varieties. Heirlooms are naturally more resistant. More flavorful. More adaptable to their environment. Heirlooms can come from anywhere. And when those that have made it here are cared for and nourished, they flourish and thrive.

Here’s my point: we are all heirloom tomatoes. Yup. Let that sink in.
Then, something even more telling and timely happened: I sliced into it and saw the rainbow.

Of course, I smiled huge because that meant Lenny was with me as I was shooting; but a deeper reasoning was percolating. This magnificent rainbow heirloom was neither he nor she. Not gay or straight (or any of the myriad gender pronouns we have come to accept and utilize with pride.) Not democrat or republican.Not communist or nationalist.This is an American-grown heirloom tomato with royal lineage from who knows where representing the inclusiveness and diversity we have come to stand for (and that many of us cherish beyond any measure.)I do not know what accent this heirloom might speak with, what colors its parent are. I do not care. It is delicious. And beautiful. And according to the grower, remarkably resilient. Think about that for a little bit today. Please.
One last warning: Stay away from hothouse tomatoes. You know, the weird orangey-red ones. (They are tasteless, bring nothing to the table and rot quicker.)

Monday, July 15, 2019

The most important meal of the day.

A decent number of us in this country are neither stupid nor oblivious, yet why as a collective have we become so inured to the problems brought about by our present government. (And by government, I am speaking of it in all its hyper-partisan totality.)
   There are things taking place that have gone from embarrassing and unbelievable to absolutely horrifying and unspeakable. And yet, we start our days with a heaping helping of crap and carry on with our days until we end our days with a recap of the new crap piled atop the current crap with zero resolution of the past crap.
   There is no shortage of heated discussions and credible reporting, yet our ability to plea for action…demand action…take action…seems to be at an all-time low.
I have a theory. We are not eating a healthy enough breakfast?