Wednesday, January 2, 2019

More simple things. More wishes.

More simple things. More wishes.

Tempest in a teacup.
Not my cup of tea.
Ass over tea kettle.
Not for all the tea in China...

How relevant and timely, eh?

Perhaps we'd all be better served if we spent more time reading the tea leaves (before diving in and getting scalded, as seems to be the case of late.)
Or perhaps indulging in a little more tea and sympathy. (Empathy trumps apathy, mercy supersedes mercilessness,...should I go on?)
And for you Monty Python fans: Make tea not war.
I, for one, intend to be dressed to a tea (or at least better than my habitual t-shirt, shorts and flip flops "uniform" for I have a new year of wooing to get started on.)
As you might expect, I saved the best for last:
I want far more tea for two and two for tea
(Just me for you and you for me.)

#tea #newyear #stilllife