Saturday, September 24, 2011

When shooting a leopard in studio...

When shooting a leopard in studio, I highly recommend having an assistant who looks tastier than this case standing well off to camera left. 
*Bonus points if they look like a boar, wildebeest or wild goat. 
**Extra bonus points if they sound like one of them. 
***However, no points if they smell like one of them. In fact, take off 2 points for that. 

Of course, making sure the leopard is well fed in advance helps. And has at least 2 handlers who are not interns or new to the job. 
*If one or both of them look like baboons or warthogs, even better.

And if you really want to get them to cooperate, don't impersonate Tweety Bird saying "I tawt I taw a puddy tat...I did, I did.." (See previous post) 

Coming soon: How to win a staring contest with a Silverback Gorilla without making a monkey out of yourself. Also, when they offer to arm wrestle, politely decline.

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