Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another day, another boy sowing seeds that have been in his family for generations.

"So Steve (Estban, for the official record.) are you gonna follow in your father's footsteps?"
(Steve's father is Manny, renowned grower of the most fabulous and varied heirloom tomatoes in all of New York)

"Yes and no. Tomatoes make my family a good living. But I can do more. Tomatoes are for the present. Seeds are the future.
[Photographer's note: Here today, gazpacho tomorrow]
My father taught me that each generation should take from the last generation and make it better."

"And you actually listened?" (Note to self: send Drew to hang out with Manny and Steve next weekend)

"Of course...He expects it form me. So I will be studying agriculture. I hope to go to Yale, Cornell or Texas A&M next year... 
(We then talked about germination, hybridization, applied seed biology and biotechnologies.)
...and then I will make my father proud as he made his father proud."

I said to Steve "do you have any idea how proud your father would be right now if he were here?"


Then Steve answered "He doesn't need to be here. He knows...and you will tell him anyway, right?"


"Steve, with your permission, I'll be telling more than him."

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