Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thanks Grover, Allen and the team at PhotoShelter for sharing your wisdom

I'm new to the world of photography (relatively speaking...I've spent plenty of time working with hundreds of different photographers thanks to my career in advertising as a creative director and chief creative officer) so when I decided to pursue my passion with camera in hand in a more active way, there were lots of choices to make and options to consider.

Arguably, the most important is one's website and the range of functionality each of us requires. (There's lots more like blogging and micro-blogging and social network "activation" but that's for another post.) Things like SEO are critical. As is customer support.

There are many choices but none that worked for me as well as PhotoShelter. And while each of us has our own unique criteria for what we are looking for, some of which are purely subjective (like the selection of creative templates), one simple thing puts PhotoShelter at the top of my list: their commitment to sharing their knowledge. (From their own experience and from their communities.) This is huge and harder to accomplish than most people think.

Of course, I appreciate all the work and commitment that has gone into their physical product (it's power, functionality and ease of use.) But as a photographer with lots to learn, I can't tell you how much I look forward to their webinars and how I devour their white papers.

In my opinion, this is what distinguishes good companies from great ones. Putting out a quality product is a first step. How a company works after the sale to ensure the success of their customers is an even bigger step. And when a company chooses to celebrate the accomplishments of their "community"; well for me, that is perhaps the biggest step.

And for that I wanted to say thank you to Allen, Grover and their team. You have made a difference for me and it is appreciated more than you know.


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  2. First of all I like this buttons on the bottom of the post. I Love it and I would buy it if I had the money, lol.

    About PhotoShelter, I enjoy their work a lot, I have their blog in my Google Reader for a while now and I'm always learn from their posts. I thought of a service subscription but before such investment I want to get better in my photography, do some more trips and get a great collection together. After that I have to think about advertising my photos in a better way.

    And your photo, I told you at Flickr already, I Love it, besides the owl being one of my favorite birds I liked your edition very much, the colors go great together, the tones of nature, it transmits a peaceful mood! ;)

    Have a good week. ;)

    P.S.: I made the last comment but it was connected to my other blog, so I deleted it, sorry about that!