Saturday, October 1, 2011

New York Re-examined: Traffic Cones? Oh no, dear friends. Me thinks not.

Once upon a time...a very long, long, long time ago, mythic creatures roamed the streets and tunnels of Manhattan. You could identify them by the colorful, pointed hats they wore, some were striped, oftimes with their initials printed on them. 
These hats were made of rubber with a small opening at the very top because, legend tells, that if you made one of them angry, their heads would grow fiery hot and steam would need a place to escape. 
And the locals knew when trouble or mischief had occured as these creatures left a trail of steam marking their escape route into one of the many tunnels that underscored the growing city. (These were often accompanied by deep and damaging indentations in the street.) 
In their haste to get away unseen, they often lost their hats.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your imaginations...

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