Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This is Lucy

Maybe it's that I was there, literally a few feet away from her 
as our eyes met and held. 
Maybe it's that I kept wondering 
who was more curious? 
Who was studying who more intently? 
No matter, this image for me is about connecting with our subjects and the spirituality that comes from having photography as an all-consuming passion. (Note I did not say "job" for it may not be for everyone and even if it is, it rarely feels that way...at least to me).
For me, this image is beyond powerful as it reminds me of what is possible and what is waiting (demanding) to be shared. And while I know technically, there are things that are less than perfect, on an emotional level, it doesn't get any better for me.
It's one of the joys of being a photographer, isn't it...when these moments of connection arise for each of us (no matter your genre of choice or experience level) and take us to a truly magnificent place. 
Find them.
Share them.
Celebrate them.
Stay inspired

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