Sunday, September 11, 2011

I see twin towers everywhere.

I see twin towers everywhere.

For the past ten years, 
I see them everywhere I look,
In the elderly couple standing side by side 
taking comfort in their closeness. 
In the pencils I keep sharpened on my desk 
and quickly straighten should they begin leaning.
In the ladders I see propped against houses.
In the popsicle my daughter eats on a humid August day
In the various edifices that I used to (and want to) marvel at as see them
(but now feel a sense of dread.)

I see twin towers everywhere
And I am reminded
of epic heroism
of tragic, unfounded loss
Of what hatred can do to a city, a nation, a world
Of what those of us who lost friends, family, colleagues are experiencing today 
(Or whenever the number 11 shows itself...on Restaurant checks or calendars or bridges...)
And unfortunately, that is all that comes today and whenever I see a twin tower.

I'm sad.
So very, very sad.


  1. I never saw them live. We all feel sad about it, but nothing compared to the ones who really lived 9/11, I can see that every time my NY friends talk about it.

    Anyways, I Love your photo, very good black and white. In April during my last visit I happened to find that same place accidentally. My version:

  2. We rebuild.
    We move on.
    But may we never forget.

    Truly a beautiful tribute.