Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another day, another chef dreaming about Prawns, Pork Belly, Foie Gras, Piri Piri pepper, White Truffles and Iberian Jamon (always Jamon)

Anthony is a Chef and Restauranteur I've gotten to know fairly well over the past several weeks. Shooting the full menus of his two restaurants as well as he and his staff at work tends to do that to folks. I have never had this much fun working (nor eaten as well) in my entire life.
   What is almost as amazing as the food (and believe me, it is "ohmigod, to-die-for good") is how effortless he and his team make it look and how gracious they all are even under the most stressful of times (I've been there in the kitchen shooting through crazy busy dinner services). Anyone who's been in a kitchen or seen the likes of some well known TV chefs, knows how rare and special this is, especially when the food is of such a high caliber.

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