Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another day, another trip to the dumpster to see what's for lunch

This is Bernadette. She doesn't like me much. Actually she doesn't like anyone much. I think she tolerates me because I give her money for food and coffee.
   When I first met her, she stared at my camera and told me I better not take any pictures of her. She scared me. A lot. But I made a decision at that moment. I told her that I take pictures to help tell stories; that being homeless is an incredibly horrifying thing to me and maybe if I take enough pictures, something will change. And then I started to walk away. I got about fifteen feet when she yelled "you're really not gonna take any f*ing pictures?"
   "I told her 'nope'  You asked me not to and you scare me."
She cracked a smile.
"So can I take a picture?"

This goes out to some of my new friends in Portugal...Filipe, Felix, Alexandre, Nuno, Guida.
Stay inspired. No matter what.


  1. So here I am, reading, because I love to read stories connected to photos.

    She haves such incredible eyes!
    But you see, i can understand why you removed the background but then you ended with a faded cheek. I like the wrinkles, the black and white makes the difference!

    The story is simple but beautiful. By the way she acted it's obvious she enjoyed the connection too. And it seems you got in touch with again? That's great, creating bonds.

    Always inspired, more and more everyday. Thanks! ;)

  2. Fantastic. Not only this post with special dedication but also across your blog ... your blog is a veritable encyclopedia photographic level. It is a huge source of knowledge.

    Thank you and never forget to share with us these wonders.

  3. Hey brother, this has to be one of my favorites in your "Another Day" series. The light is fantastic the way it rakes across her from the back in such brightness. You're special Alan.